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Navajo VP is a Two-Face-Masked Man

Navajo VP is a Two-Face-Masked Man
July 04
05:03 2020

Myron Lizer; a Two-Face-Masked Man

Myron Lizer

Yes, Navajo Vice President Myron Lizer was at the Trump Rally last week in Phoenix. And yes, Mr. Lizer is catching heat for being there. It’s not just that people might think he’s favoring the sitting President, Donald Trump, by being seen with him, but that he was at a rally where the coronavirus was likely all around! After all, Arizona is a COVID-19 hot spot!

But the Navajo VP has explained away both of the issues; being at the rally, and being around the virus.

Mr. Lizer tells the press that he was at the rally so that he could talk one-on-one with President Trump about the $714-Million dollars recently received by the Navajo Nation to fight the virus. Navajo Leaders want an extension on how soon the money must be used. And though he apparently hasn’t received an answer yet, that is why he was there.

N-95 Mask

Secondly, the Navajo Vice President, according to KRQE News in New Mexico, while attending the rally, Mr. Lizer wore not one, but two face masks to protect himself. He said one was an N-95 mask. The other one he was wearing was a cloth mask over the other mask.

The money received by the Navajo Nation, as well as other Native American Tribes, was part of the CARES Act; Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Stimulus Act. It was approved by Congress and President Trump in late April.

Navajo VP is a Two-Face-Masked Man - overview

Summary: Navajo VP is a Two-Face-Masked Man


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