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Navajo Protest Potential NGS Buyer in Manhattan

Navajo Protest Potential NGS Buyer in Manhattan
September 10
06:09 2018

Energy Ventures Analysis, of Arlington, Virginia, has prepared an impact report for the Arizona Corporation Commission on the closing of Navajo Generating Station on the Arizona power market. EVA reporting that California natural gas and power prices have become increasingly volatile due to shortages of gas and power and these issues drive Arizona power prices.

YesToNGS continues to report that NGS fuel costs are steady and the plant is vital for energy security. They believe NGS is a workhorse delivering power, running harder than other gas and coal plants in Arizona and New Mexico. They report that because the plant has low fuel costs, it is dispatched at a higher capacity factor than other plants and important for reliability.

Mayor Bill Diak spoke at an YestoNGS rally at the State Capitol in February 2018 and the organization continues to share his words and likeness to support their message regularly on twitter:


Meanwhile members of the Navajo Nation traveled to New York City today to say they do not agree about the plant. NY firm Avenue Capital Group is considering the purchase of NGS to keep it from shutting its doors in 2019, which they say would protect hundreds of jobs at the plant and spare a major source of revenue for the tribe.

Many Navajo support the sale and continued operation of the plant, but Nicole Horseherder director of a Navajo non profit tells Lake Powell Life News the coal plant has led to air and water pollution and health consequences to her neighbors:

Horseherder is concerned that the Navajo Nation economy relies too heavily on NGS and says with or without a buyer for the plant coal power will eventually decline:

Both NGS and the Kayenta mine will close in 2019 if they are not sold.


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