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Navajo Presidential Election Postponed

November 02
09:56 2014

Navajo Nation MAPOn Friday the Navajo Supreme Court ruled that while the November 4th election will go on as planned, the race for Navajo President will not. The ballot will still include the Presidential race, but because of various circumstances surrounding this race, the Supreme Court ruled that election officials are not to tally votes in that race.

In addition, the Supreme Court found the Board of Election supervisors in contempt of court Friday, for not removing presidential candidate Chris Deschene’s name from the ballot as ordered to do so by the Supreme Court a week and a half ago.

The court ordered, further, that the members of the Elections Board are now disqualified as such, and cannot run again to seek their positions for five years. Quoted in The Arizona Republic, elections board member Lenora Fulton said she’d do it all again.

“A person’s right to vote is important,” she said, “and we were not willing to invalidate that.”

To add insult to injury, Chris Deschene was ordered to reimburse attorneys fees to the two former presidential candidates who first claimed that he did not speak the Navajo language fluently. It’s an opinion Deschene refutes.

Also quoted in The Arizona Republic, Deschene said Friday’s ruling could have a chilling effect on the future of Navajo elections.

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