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Navajo Nation Gaming Buys Flagstaff Steakhouse

Navajo Nation Gaming Buys Flagstaff Steakhouse
December 10
05:39 2019

Horseman Lodge Today

NN Gaming Buys Flagstaff Steakhouse


There’s a new owner in the saddle for the Horseman Lodge, a steakhouse near Flagstaff.

Navajo Nation Gaming Enterprise bought the lodge and adjacent buildings for $5.2 million, according to NNGE Interim CEO Brian Parrish.

The 14-acre purchase will allow NNGE to diversify and expand its business, Parrish explained.

The final deal was made in November, Parrish said. Navajo President Jonathan Nez and the 24th Navajo Nation Council were aware of the planned purchase before it was finalized, he added.

Along with the purchase, NNGE signed a “lease-back” agreement so the former owners and management team will continue to operate the lodge. Also, current employees will keep their jobs.

It was important to the tribe that employees were able to keep their jobs, Parrish said.

With the shutdown of the Navajo Generating Station and Kayenta Mine it is important for Navajo-owned businesses to try to do something to offset those losses, said Quincy Natay, chairman of the Navajo Gaming Board of Directors.

NNGE is also moving forward on plans for the Navajo Blue Travel Plaza, Natay said.

Those plans include the introduction of several new Navajo products, including crafted soda, a fudge company and the Navajo Beef and Sausage Company.


Featured photo: Horseman Lodge years ago (Facebook)

Navajo Nation Gaming Buys Flagstaff Steakhouse - overview

Summary: Navajo Nation Gaming Buys Flagstaff Steakhouse


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