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Navajo Nation Economic Impact Study Underway

Navajo Nation Economic Impact Study Underway
March 04
04:11 2021

The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development – Economic Impact Study Kickoff

Tuba City

ST. MICHAELS, ARIZONA – The Division of Economic Development is very pleased to announce the kickoff of the economic impact study of the COVID-19 pandemic on the Navajo Nation economy. It is understandable that the past year has had a tremendous effect on the businesses of the Navajo Nation. The Division of Economic Development has partnered with Change Labs in collaboration of this impact study.

Through the awards of the CARES funds this past fall, September to November 2020, the division administered around $28 million of financial assistance to small businesses and artisans of the Navajo Nation. While doing so, the division has been able to collect data much needed to identify the unique structure of businesses throughout the Navajo Nation. There is also supportive information of Navajo owned businesses located off the reservation as well, which will also be part of the comprehensive study.

Moving forward, it is in the division’s intention to ensure that this particular study, as well as others, will align the economic path formulation of what the Navajo economy will look like for the coming years. Other studies include a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy and an updated consumer leakage report, which will identify the Navajo consumers’ dollars that have left the Navajo Nation to goods and services in neighboring towns.

“I am very excited to see this study being initiated. With today’s meeting, we are motivated that the work Change Labs and the Division will put into the development of the end result. Over the next months, we will work collectively to compile data and feedback on the effects the pandemic has had on our businesses”, stated division director JT Willie.

The economic impact study will begin this month, March 2021, and will begin to have results available the beginning of May 2021.

There will be follow-up discussions throughout the year on the information and monitoring of the report. Change Labs is a Native-led and Native-controlled 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization based out of Tuba City, Arizona. Change Labs strives to assist native business owners, entrepreneurs, and artists by providing technical assistance and various resources in efforts to sustain and diversify the future of native communities.

To learn more about Change Labs visit them online at For more information regarding the Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development please call (928) 871-6544, or send an email to [email protected].

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Navajo Nation Economic Impact Study Underway - overview

Summary: The Navajo Nation Division of Economic Development – Economic Impact Study Kickoff


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