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Could a “Horse Hunt” be the Solution the Navajo Nation is Looking For?

Could a “Horse Hunt” be the Solution the Navajo Nation is Looking For?
April 05
13:57 2017

The wild horse population on the Navajo Nation is booming.

About 48,000 gallop across the reservation according to the tribe’s Department of Fish and Wildlife. The abundance of wild horses has made Navajo Nation officials consider a horse hunt to help control the population.

So far the plans are in the early stages, and officials say a hunt is not the only option being considered but something needs to be done to solve the feral horse population problem long term.

Horses are competing with other wildlife for natural resources like forage, water and space. The other wildlife includes deer and elk, for example, but the horses are winning out and are taking over the landscape.

An alternative to the hunt is arguably more humane than having hunters take aim on the wild herd. The president of the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group, Simone Netherlands, proposed targeting the horses with birth-control darts instead of killing them.

By using birth-control, Netherlands said the horse’s population growth rate can be drastically reduced without the need of hunting.

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