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Navajo Nation Asks For Radiation Exposure Law Expansion

Navajo Nation Asks For Radiation Exposure Law Expansion
July 11
09:49 2018

The Navajo Nation is urging Congress to expand a Federal law that compensates individuals exposed to radiation during nuclear bomb testing during the Cold War. The law, as it stands now, only covers those before 1971 who lived downwind from nuclear test sites in Nevada, Arizona and Utah, as well as those who worked in the uranium mining industry in 12 different states. Navajo Nation asking for Navajo workers after 1971 to be included in that compensation. Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye told reporters he feels many members of the Federal government are not aware of the effects uranium mining has had on the Navajo people and that they don’t see the consequences of radiation exposure. Most claims under the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act come from the Four Corners region. The proposal would change the cutoff year for uranium mining workers from 1971 to 1990.



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