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Navajo Family Gets New House

Navajo Family Gets New House
July 10
14:06 2018

In the spring of 2017 a fire swept through the home of a Mexican Springs family, destroying all their possessions and leaving them homeless. Elvira Bitsilly and her husband, Irving Tsosie, were forced to live in hotels and scramble for emergency housing.

“It’s so hard to talk about,” Bitsilly said. “It hurts.”

But the Navajo Nation came to rescue.

On July 6 Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye presented the keys to a newly constructed home to Bitsilly and Tsosie.

“We are so appreciative of Carl Smith and the Division of Community Development for helping us,” Bitsilly said. “We are also thankful to the crew and the Office of the President and Vice President.”

The family went through a streak of bad luck in 2017, Tsosie said. A few months prior to their house burning down, the family lost their daughter when she became unexpectedly ill.

“She got sick and it happened very fast,” said Tsosie. “We’ve been through a lot and it’s been hard to get back on our feet. We haven’t yet.”

“When they first walked into my office and told us what happened to them, we knew we had to help,” Smith said. “The family had nobody.” 

During the presentation, President Begaye spoke about his background in home construction before he became a politician and how implementing a home project initiative in his administration was important.

In every year of his administration, Begaye and OPVP staff have organized home construction, refurbishing and renovation projects for elderly Navajos and veterans.

The president said these efforts are to assist families in need as well, like the Bitsilly’s.


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