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The Navajo Election is On!

The Navajo Election is On!
April 10
16:48 2015

 By Mike Reilley

The election is on. The Navajo Supreme Court, headed by Chief Justice Herb Yazzie, has ruled against the District Court ruling Friday that postponed the long awaited Navajo Nation presidential election.

The ruling Monday afternoon, merely focused on the ruling and stated said further details about the decision Monday will be released later. The ruling had more or less been expected, when looking back at Justice Yazzie’s decisions over the past half-year.

On Friday Window Rock District Judge Carol Perry had sided with former Navajo Election Supervisors who had asked for an injunction to stop the election Tuesday. The superintendants had been fired by the Supreme Court last October when they refused to remove Chris Deschene’s name off the ballot for November 4th. Not only was Mr. Deschene’s name removed, so were the supervisors.

The two candidates on tomorrow’s ballot are Joe Shirley Jr. and Russell Begaye.

A comment Monday afternoon on the Facebook page for the Navajo Voters Rights Coalition, commenting on all that has gone on, not only this past weekend, but over the last six months, said, “Who knows what will happen in the next five minutes?”

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