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Navajo Committee Backs Code Talker Museum

Navajo Committee Backs Code Talker Museum
August 29
14:10 2018

The Navajo Nation Council’s Health, Education and Human Services Committee supports plans for a museum to honor the Navajo Code Talkers.

The HEHS Committee issued a “do pass” recommendation for Legislation NO. 0283-18, which supports a New Mexico Senate bill.

New Mexico Senate Bill 105 seeks approval from the state’s general fund to appropriate $1 million to allow the Indian Affairs Department to design and construct a Navajo Code Talker museum and veterans center in McKinley County, New Mexico.

“This supporting resolution will still be in effect when the state legislature goes back into session next year and we can use this official position to advocate for a museum to honor all of our Navajo veterans and Navajo Code Talkers,” HEHS Chairman Jonathan Hale said.

Hale sponsored the Navajo legislation.

New Mexico State Sen. John Pinto introduced Senate Bill 105 during the most recent legislative session.

During a January 30 hearing for Bill 105 the New Mexico Indian Affairs Department said the project would require additional sources of funding.

The Navajo Code Talkers Association has been fundraising for years and should  be able to contribute to the construction of a museum and veterans center, Hale said.

“This will be the official position of the Navajo Nation,” Hale added.

The tribe will continue to request support from the state of New Mexico to honor the legacy of the Code Talkers, Hale said.

The Code Talkers used an unbreakable code, based on their language, to relay vital messages during World War II. The program was top secret, and for decades after the war ended the Code Talkers were not allowed to speak of their efforts.

The Health, Education and Human Services Committee passed Hale’s legislation by a 3-0 vote. Next it goes before the Naabik’iyátí’ Committee for final consideration.

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