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Navajo Code Talker Fleming Begaye Sr Dies at 97

Navajo Code Talker Fleming Begaye Sr Dies at 97
May 13
08:47 2019

Photo: CNN/Getty Images

One of the original Navajo Code Talkers has passed away at the age of 97. Fleming Begaye Sr. one of more than 400 Navajo Code Talkers had no idea what he would be doing when he joined the elite fraternity of Navajo Code Talkers during World War II. All he knew was that Marines were recruiting and needing help from the Navajo people, so he and his two friends joined the Navajo troops who learned the secret unbreakable code that would later lead to the demise of the Japanese.

Fleming Begaye Sr was also one of the code talkers honored by President Trump in 2017.

There are now only seven surviving members of the original team of Navajo Code Talkers.



























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