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Much Ado About Primaries

Much Ado About Primaries
March 29
11:34 2016

Last Tuesday was Presidential Caucus Day in Utah and Primary Day in Arizona. And while there are some possible changes on the way in Utah, in Arizona things seem almost out of control.

Gov. Gary Herbert

Gov. Gary Herbert

Lawmakers in Phoenix got an earful yesterday from unhappy voters. Not only that, some are asking for a complete re-do of Primary Day. Some voters are also calling for the head of Maricopa County Recorder, Helen Purcell.

The New York Times quotes Purcell as saying, “I apologize profusely — I can’t go back and undo it,”

Meanwhile, in peaceful Salt Lake City, Utah Governor Gary Herbert says he would like to see a return to having a primary, rather than a caucus.

While the governor agrees that the caucus turnout was actually very good, past primaries have drawn many more voters to the polls.

Herbert is also of the mind that a primary would give Utah more of a say-so, nationally, in the race for President.

But Republican Party leaders in the state don’t agree with their governor, who is also a Republican. They would like to see the caucuses continue.

Last week a reported 280-thousand Republicans and Democrats took part in the caucus. Back in 2008 the presidential primary in Utah drew a reported 428-thousand people.

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