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More Rescues in Southern Utah

More Rescues in Southern Utah
April 03
11:04 2017

Sand Mountain is situated between St. George, Utah and Colorado City, Arizona, and lately it has been a magnet for accidents that have required the help of Washington County Search & Rescue.

Last weekend (March 25-26) there were three stressful rescues. This weekend, there were four rescues, and in just 24-hours.

The first rescue involved a young man who crashed his dirt bike east of the mountain Saturday afternoon. Reports indicate he may have suffered a broken pelvis. He was in great pain when rescue personnel arrived. An ambulance was able to get to the scene and transport the 27-year old to Dixie Regional Medical Center in St. George.

Next they had a 66-year old man who had crashed his mountain bike and injured a knee. This time Washington County Search & Rescue were assisted by the Bureau of Land Management and EMTs from the Hurricane Fire department, who all searched for the location of the mishap.

The victim was eventually taken by helicopter from the scene to the St. George hospital.

A 78-year old woman was rescued from an SUV that had become stuck in mud. The woman’s son had been driving when it got stuck. But since he couldn’t get cell phone service to call for help, he began walking.

The man walked and walked and walked, until eight miles later he finally got a signal.

It is not known if the man knew of a federal law that states that any cell phone tower that picks-up a 9-1-1 call must respond to that call.

Meanwhile, an 11-year old girl from Canada, on her first day of vacation with her family, evidently fractured both of her wrists when she crashed her mountain bike.

In this case, in order to get to the victim as quickly as he could, a doctor rode his own mountain bike to reach the little girl, who was evidently in great pain.

As with that 24-year old Texas girl who was stranded for five day near the Grand Canyon a few weeks ago, when we go out into the wild, it good to be prepared with food, water and a fully charged cell phone.

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