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Monsoonal Rainstorms

Monsoonal Rainstorms
August 02
12:05 2022

By Eli Joseph

While torrential rainstorms are a welcome summer event, their effects are lessened in the midst of a crippling drought.
As Joel Ferry with the Utah Department of Natural Resources points out, “Bone-dry conditions continue to bake our parched vegetation.”
And, triple digits combined with high winds are a recipe for destructive wildfires.
Soil moisture is registering slightly above normal, which means snowpack can actually become runoff instead of being absorbed.
Still, 25 of 45 Utah reservoirs are at less than half of capacity.  More than 80 percent of the state remains in extreme or exceptional drought status.  Lake Powell is at 26 percent capacity.
A sudden microburst late last week overturned three semi-truck trailers on Interstate 15 in southern Utah.  Drivers reported zero visibility, leading to a 20-mile traffic backup.
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