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Missing Child Presumed to Have Drowned at Hall’s Crossing

Missing Child Presumed to Have Drowned at Hall’s Crossing
September 12
15:49 2016

Tragedy hit Hall’s Crossing on Saturday night as an 18-month-old child went missing while on a houseboat on Lake Powell.

The houseboat was tied to a stationary buoy in the Hall’s Crossing buoy field. The child was with their mother at the time of the disappearance. The mother told authorities that she lost track of the child for just a few minutes while the family recreated on the houseboat.

The mother and the family frantically searched the boat before suspecting the child had fallen into the water.

The child was not wearing any type of life preserver.

When they arrived, National Park Service Rangers could not locate the child on the houseboat and turned their attention to the surrounding water. Immediately, multiple NPS boats with sonar capability were called in to search the depths of the lake in that area however, there was no success in locating the child.

It is presumed that the child fell into the water and has drowned.

The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office, in cooperation with the National Park Service and the DPS Dive Team continue the search for the child.

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