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Microburst Takes Page By Surprise

Microburst Takes Page By Surprise
July 19
23:49 2018

Flash Flood warnings came in late afternoon Thursday from the National Weather Service for Northern Coconino County due to heavy rainfall for Antelope Canyon and Antelope Canyon Basin. Clouds rolled in over the Page/Lake Powell area around 5pm, lightning strikes and rumbling thunder continued for well over an hour before the storm broke through with gusty winds and rain. Winds significantly picked up, creating a whirlwind of debris and branches, upon survey later, damage heaviest in the neighborhoods surrounding Golliard Park; From 17th Ave to 10th Ave between Sage and North Navajo; those blocks were hit hard, the violent wind snap uprooting trees, breaking off pieces of rooftops and carports, yard decor, trash cans, etc. 
A few neighborhood dogs were seen running loose barking in confusion as if seeking their owners. The street sign at N. Navajo at 10th Ave was bent and knocked down. Children playing at Golliard Park at the height of the microburst began running out into the street in an attempt to get home quickly. Once the winds died down, Page residents were quickly outside assessing the damage and helping each other with immediate needs such as removing branches from the roadways and clearing driveways for safety. The weather event was surprisingly forceful and unpredictable.


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