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Meteor Showers in the Sky Tonight

Meteor Showers in the Sky Tonight
January 03
15:09 2019

Be sure you look up if you’re outdoors tonight, the meteor shower of the year will be splashing the sky with hundreds of meteors as we get into Friday, during its peak, the Quadrantid meteor shower can shoot up to 100 meteors per hour!

NASA calls the January celestial event one of the best annual shows in the night sky, only three meteor showers during the course of the year are capable of producing that many meteors in an hour.

Tonight’s meteor shower will send bright fireballs from the asteroid designation 2003EH as Earth moves through the thickest part of the debris field. The International Meteor Organization lists the peak time as January 4 at 02:00 UTC, which for us in Arizona translates into January 3 at 19:00 MST (7:00pm) so you won’t even need to stay up late to catch the big show!


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