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Mayor Tappan Apologizes for Social Media Gaffe

Mayor Tappan Apologizes for Social Media Gaffe
May 04
16:46 2020

Page Mayor Levi Tappan has been facing criticism after a Facebook post, which made news headlines over the weekend. The image circulating on social media under a Facebook account with Tappan’s name made comment on the Navajo Nation and President Nez needing to fight alcoholism as hard as the fight against Covid-19.

The remarks appear to be insensitive to an ongoing problem for many tribal communities. The comments were met with much backlash from Navajo officials and residents. In a statement, Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez said, “Yes, we recognize that there is a problem and we stand ready to work with Mayor Tappan to address the issues rather than writing insensitive comments to our constituents on social media.”

Mayor Tappan has since apologized for his comments made on the social media platform. In speaking with Lake Powell Communications, he said it was not his intent to offend or seem insensitive with his posted remarks, nor did he intend a racial slur, but rather his wish is for the attention and resources to fight alcoholism as much as Covid 19, calling alcohol more deadly than Covid 19.

Tappan has also now apologized to President Nez for the misunderstanding and said that they need to work together to solve problems saying, “We need to talk about our issues openly, without finger-pointing, and we need to all come together.”

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Summary: Mayor Tappan Apologizes for Social Media Gaffe


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