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Mayor Busted for Poaching

Mayor Busted for Poaching
November 15
11:09 2016

Hurricane Mayor John Bramall was booked into the Kane County jail on a felony charge of aiding and assisting in a wildlife violation.

John Bramell

John Bramell

Bramall and brothers Gordon and John Marble are charged with illegally killing two deer, one a trophy animal, on the opening day of the general season rifle hunt. While the three had permits, they did not have them for the management unit they were on.

The killings took place on Bramall’s property in Kane County. H

e raises elk in an area inside a high fence.

Hunting elk is allowed on the property, but not other animals, including mule deer.

Bramall faces a five-year prison sentence if convicted. The state of Utah sets restitution at $8,000 an animal.

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