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May 6, 2020 Wayne’s Words Fishing Report

May 6, 2020 Wayne’s Words Fishing Report
May 07
10:30 2020

May 6, 2020

Lake Elevation 3599
Water Temperature 65-70 F

The year 2020 has been unusual with lake closures due to Corona Virus, and early warm weather.  Fish enjoy quiet warm water.  Bass spawning continues, with sunfish soon to join that party.  Increased runoff is finally happening with lake level rising a few inches.

The biggest mystery anglers will find as they return to Lake Powell is the lack of stripers along the main channel wall from the dam to Navajo Canyon or Moki Wall near Bullfrog. Where are they?  Due to high forage abundance last year, most adult stripers are now in spawning condition, which means they are not looking for food or chasing shad, but looking for a spawning cove and eating plankton to maintain health. It is likely that this unusual behavior will last for 2-3 more weeks until they actually spawn.

Catching stripers now is still possible – just different. Spawning occurs at night, Adult stripers are therefore active at night and shut down in the daytime.  They tend to hang out in the same cove year after year.  Find a striper cove and camp there overnight.  Use a very small lure, like a white Clouser minnow fly behind a bubble filled with water. Cast that into the schools of fish visible on the graph.  I often make the early morning run uplake and fish these coves at dawn in the shade of the east wall.  Once the sun hits the water, striper fishing is over for the day.  There is an active school of prespawn stripers holding near Buoy 25 in the main channel.  These fish are not in the Buoy 25 Cove where they normally hang out looking for bait in previous years. They are near the actual buoy in the middle of the channel and then move to the opposite shoreline away from Buoy 25 Cove.

If striper fishing seems a bit complicated then target smallmouth bass.  Bass fishing is GREAT! Find a rocky shoreline with a slope and some large boulders under the water. Fish the rocky drop-offs with a single tail or double tail grub (White or Green).  Drop the grub to the bottom, work it slowly up and down, and feel the excitement as the bass takes the lure and runs with it.  Smallmouth Bass are along every rocky shoreline from Wahweap to Hite.  Keep the medium size fish to reduce completion among remaining smallmouth bass, which allows the survivors to grow bigger.  Lake record is over 5-pounds but most bass are in the 2-pound category.

Walleye are very active now, but require a different approach.  You can add a piece of night crawler to your bass jig and move it slowly along the bottom.  Fish along the bottom at 15-30 feet. Slow trolling a night crawler rig with a bottom bouncer rig is another good walleye technique.   Walleye are more abundant in the northern lake from Bullfrog to the northern end of the lake.

It will be great to see everyone back on the lake starting May 15th.  Fishing success should be stellar from May 15th through the first week of June. Water color varies by lake area.  There is brown color runoff starting to flow near Hite, while visibility is crystal clear from lower Good Hope Bay to Wahweap.

May 6, 2020 Wayne’s Words Fishing Report - overview

Summary: May 6, 2020 Wayne's Words Fishing Report


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