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Massive Storm Hits the Area

Massive Storm Hits the Area
September 14
15:23 2017

At Page Airport

Florida, Texas and now Northern Arizona?

Thursday afternoon September 14th, sure looked eerily similar to Hurricane type weather in Page and in Southern Utah! Trees where downed and the power went out in parts of Page.

At the Page airport one Hanger was literally blown away. The hanger looked like something out of a disaster movie, as it laid in pieces on top of another hanger.

The owner of the hanger had luckily pulled his small aircraft out of the hanger for maintenance earlier in the day.

The storm had huge consequences on Lake Powell, as a house boat in Padre Canyon, near Gunsight Butte capsized. Multiple serious injuries occurred. A women lost her arm from the shoulder down. Another women sustained head and hip injuries. Other injuries included multiple broken bones and some lacerations and one person has a dislocated shoulder.

The worst part of the situation was that it took emergency respondents some time to reach the scene due to the storm and Classic Aviation wasn’t cleared to fly until around 1:30 PM; at least 30 minutes after the incident was originally reported.

Golliard Park

The emergency radio also mentioned another capsized vessel. At last report that vessel was towed to Wahweap Marina; any injuries related to that incident are unknown at this time.

The Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, confirmed that another houseboat capsized and several smaller boats and jet skis’ sank.

The Sheriff’s Officer dispatched two of their patrol boats to assist in rescue operations that were conducted by the National Park Service and Utah State Parks Rangers.

According to the National Weather Service, the storm had winds that reached 56 miles per hour or more. Trees all around the City were knocked down and debris was on the roads and all over the place.

A flash flood watch from the National Weather Service remained in effect Thursday until 7PM.

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