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Martinez Aims to Reopen Community Swimming Pool

August 07
14:30 2014
Gregg Martinez Aug '14

Another Way Executive Director, Gregg Martinez, being interviewed on Jack-FM KXAZ.

If Gregg Martinez has anything to say about it….and he does…..there will be a community swimming pool up and running next summer.

Martinez, the executive director of Another Way; Page Regional Domestic Violence Services, has taken it upon himself to get things moving so that, he says, he can do cannonballs next year.

Martinez, who has been working hand-in-hand with city officials, says he wants to give kids a healthy activity and to give everyone in Page healthy lifestyle options.

I just recently had a meeting with the mayor (Bill Diak) and the new city manager (Crystal Prentice) and we’re beginning the process of figuring out the talking points, so to speak; exactly what it’s going to take.” – Gregg Martinez

Martinez added that they (he, the mayor and city manager) have to get together with city council to see whose going to be in charge of the pool and what the pool is going to offer. But first, he says, they have to raise the necessary money to re-open the facility, which has not been open to the public for a couple of years.

“But I’m feeling very optimistic,” said Martinez.

Roughly $30,000 dollars will be needed to get the pool open, according to Martinez. He says the city has allocated half of that in the budget and he intends on raising the other half. So far five grand has been donated by Another Way, so Martinez says he will raise the rest, perhaps with the help of grants.

The swimming pool falls under the domain of the Page Unified School District and is at Page High School. Superintendent Jim Walker would also like to see the pool re-open to the public next year. The superintendent says the pool, as is, could be ready. But in the not-too distant future, he adds, that improvements will be a necessity.

As in the past, the plan is for the city to pay for life guards and other personnel at the pool. It was when the city ran into a serious budget crunch that the pool became no longer open to the people of Page

Ask Gregg Martinez and you get the feeling splashes will be heard next summer at the high school.

“We’re going to do it. I’m feeling really good,” said Martinez.

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