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Many Arizona Residents Still Waiting for Unemployment $$$

Many Arizona Residents Still Waiting for Unemployment $$$
May 09
06:41 2020

Thousands More Applicants Will Be reviewed This Coming Week

There are a whole lot of Arizona residents who are still awaiting unemployment benefits. That number, according to a published report, is 230,000 people who are either stuck in limbo just waiting, or have been told they have not been accepted for any number of reasons. But reports indicate that many claims will be looked at this coming week.

Most of the unemployment claims had hit state officials since the COVID-19 crisis hit the state in mid-March.

In the latest report from the Arizona Department of Economic Security, they have received over 500,000 claims, and the report indicates that only a little over half of these claims have led to actual money being dispersed.  

As designed, The Department of Economic Security (DES) is a government agency of the state designed to work with families, community organizations, as well as state and federal partners to realize the collective vision that every child, adult and family in Arizona will be safe  and economically secure. That is the official definition of the DES.

In a recent release concerning the COVID-19 situation, the DES reported:

Unemployment Insurance Call Center hours have been extended to Sundays from 9:30am – 5:00 pm. Call 1 (877) 600-2722 or visit,

DES Customer Service Centers are receiving an unprecedented amount of phone calls, which may result in a busy signal and longer than usual wait times.

View frequently asked questions pertaining to employment impacted by COVID-19, and other important information.

Resources for other programs can be found at:

As of this Friday (May 8), the US Labor department reported that the national unemployment rate had hit 14.7%, which is the highest number since the Great Depression in the 1920’s and 1930’s. More than 30-Million Americans have lost their jobs since the Pandemic hit two months ago.

Many Arizona Residents Still Waiting for Unemployment $$$ - overview

Summary: Many Arizona Residents Still Waiting for Unemployment money


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