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Make Your Yard Pollinator Friendly

Make Your Yard Pollinator Friendly
June 21
11:35 2018

Happy Pollinator Week!

The Forest Service is eager to educate the public about the importance of pollinators and pollinated plants. Worldwide, more than 1,000 plant grown food, beverages, fibers, spices and medicines need to be pollinated by animals and insects. A misconception about pollinators is that they are only bees. They are a large contributor but other pollinators include ants, bats, beetles, birds, butterflies, flies, moths, wasps, and other small animals. Pollinators are also responsible for assisting 80 percent of the world’s flowering plants. Without them, humans and wildlife would not have much to eat, beautiful scenery to look at, or important materials to use.

If you’ve been spending quality time in your yard, keeping your garden watered, and you’re thinking you’d like more in your environment to bring the beautiful butterflies, bees and hummingbirds around, you can plant certain types of greenery and add various items around your property to make the area more inviting to pollinators.

Butterflies and bees both enjoy a damp salt lick which can be made with simple ingredients you have around the home. Bees enjoy a nice, dead tree limb to nest in, so you might consider leaving one or two of those around for your bumble and honey bee visitors. You can add a hummingbird feeder of course, but butterflies and hummingbirds both need resources other than nectar, so sometimes leaving your pet’s droppings is not such a bad thing for them, also slices of over-ripe bananas, oranges and other fruits.

The USDA Forest Service has a terrific guide to help make your landscape more pollinator friendly, check it out here.



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