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Mangum Fire Keeps Growing & Sending Us Smoke

Mangum Fire Keeps Growing & Sending Us Smoke
June 18
04:33 2020


Special Statement: From the Wildland Fire Air Quality Response Program

Additional fires are occurring and may impact air quality.

The Mangum Fire is 47,561 acres and 3% contained. Smoke Yesterday brought impressive smoke production pushing to the northeast. The southwest winds will continue today but shift to the west mid-day and start to push smoke to the east impacting the Page/Lechee area and into Lee’s Ferry.

This area will also see light to moderate smoke on and off into Friday.

Tuba City may see light smoke impacts in the morning from a small fire to the southwest but will get Mangum smoke in the evening as the winds swing more to the northwest and see light to moderate smoke through Friday.

The winds and smoke continue to swing around late in the evening moving smoke south and then back north. As this happens both the north and south rims of the Grand Canyon will see light to moderate amounts of smoke and Fredonia and Kanab may get smoke in the early morning on Friday.

With the variable winds and continued smoke production it will be important to pay attention to changing conditions. Health If you begin to notice health effects from smoke, you are encouraged to follow the “actions to protect yourself” listed below.

Always remember if you smell smoke you are breathing smoke.

Mangum Fire Keeps Growing & Sending Us Smoke - overview

Summary: Magnum Fire Keeps Growing and Sending Us Smoke


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