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MADD 5K Walk Scheduled for Window Rock

MADD 5K Walk Scheduled for Window Rock
August 08
14:14 2017

MADD Arizona Is Hosting 2nd Annual Window Rock Walk Like MADD 5K Walk

2nd Annual Window Rock Walk Like MADD 5K Walk: Fundraiser to End Drunk Driving


WHAT: On Saturday, August 19th, 2017 MADD Arizona will be hosting its 2nd Annual Window Rock Walk Like MADD 5K walk fundraiser. Victims, survivors and supporters will line up for competitive 5K dash and a non-competitive walk to remember lost loved ones, inspire change and commit to a nation with No More Victims®.

WHEN:  August 19, 2017 – 7:00 pm

WHERE: Veteran’s Memorial Park, Window Rock, Arizona

WHO:  Drunk driving victims Priscilla Gibbs, Geri Groover, and the Begay and David families

WHY: Priscilla Gibbs and Geri Groover, who lost their sister Virginia David to a drunk driver in 2015, are major leaders in planning this walk. They, and their family, are determined to have others remember their sister and bring awareness to a major problem related to impaired driving found on the Navajo Reservation. This walk will help victims, like the David and Begay family, honor loved ones who have been killed or injured by impaired driving and aid in the healing process.

To register or donate, please visit

For those personally impacted by drunk driving, drugged driving and underage drinking consequences, MADD Victim Services are available at no charge, serving one person every fifteen minutes through local victim advocates and MADD’s 24- Hour Victim Help Line, 1- 877-MADD-HELP.

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