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Lyman Gets Jail Time

Lyman Gets Jail Time
December 22
08:16 2015

San Juan County Commissioner Phil Lyman was sentenced to ten days in jail Friday for leading a protest ATV ride through a

Phil Lyman

Phil Lyman

canyon closed to traffic by federal authorities.

Lyman and Monticello City Councilman Monte Wells were convicted of misdemeanors in 2014 jury trials.

Judge David Nuffer (who previously served ten years as Kanab City Attorney for ten years told Lyman and Wells, “This was a highly-publicized, well-organized action. It caused considerable disruption and damage.”

The pair were each ordered to pay $500 a month toward the $96,000 in rehabilitation costs spent restoring Recapture Canyon.  Additionally, Lyman was fined $1,000 and Wells $500.  Wells will serve five days in jail.

The canyon was closed to protect ancient American Indian sites.

Governor Gary Herbert’s chief of staff accompanied Lyman and Wells to court in what was taken as a show of Herbert’s support.  The governor contributed $10,000 to the legal defense fund for the two.

Commenting on the many letters he received in support of Lyman, Nuffer observed, “I see distrust, hostility, anger, fear, and hyperbole from people who refuse to acknowledge the validity of others’ points of view.”

Nuffer ordered Lyman and Wells to “self surrender” to the Washington County jail at their convenience.

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