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Lyman Alleges “Jiggery Pokery”

Lyman Alleges “Jiggery Pokery”
April 03
13:00 2019


While not many people are familiar with the phrase “jiggery pokery,” Southern Utah State Representative Phil Lyman is using it to describe what he believes federal prosecutors are engaging in against him

“Jiggery pokery” means underhanded manipulation.
Prosecutors are trying to increase Lyman’s restitution payments for the damage he caused to public lands while riding an ATV in 2014.  Lyman was a San Juan County commissioner at the time.  Prosecutors say that as a state legislator now, Lyman is making more money and that his $100 per month payments should be increased to $500.
In a written response, Lyman claims he is actually making $25,000 a year less as a representative.
He still owes $90,000 of the $96,000 court-ordered restitution payment.

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