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Lyle Jeffs to Stay Put

Lyle Jeffs to Stay Put
April 08
11:06 2016

Yesterday in a Salt Lake City courtroom Lyle Jeffs was told he will stay in jail. Jeffs had asked to be released until he, and numerous others, are tried on charges of ripping off the government through a massive food stamp fraud scheme.

The alleged fraud involves the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Jeffs is one of several defendants who are alleged to have been having members of the church apply for the food stamps, but then church leaders would confiscate them and live high off the hog, while lesser FLDS families had little to eat.

Other defendants had been released by US District Judge Ted Stewart prior to trial, and it was thought by many that Lyle Jeffs would be freed as well.

Sam Brower, the author and investigator who helped bring down FLDS leader, Warren Jeffs (Lyle’s brother), wrote yesterday on Facebook;

It’s been a very good day! The court ordered Lyle Jeffs to remain in custody through trial! It was an incredibly great opportunity for the prosecution to educate the court on just exactly the kind of despicable human being Lyle Jeffs really is. I am not sure what Lyle’s attorney was thinking? Instead of keeping a low profile, she allowed the court to, in a sense, recognize and give judicial notice to a mountain of evidence that may not have been allowed to be presented in trial. It was an magnificent tactical blunder on the part of the defense; either because she didn’t realize just how evil Lyle really is (which is part of her job to ascertain) or Lyle is so desperate to get out of jail that he would try anything, including releasing to the world information that will prove detrimental to him later on. Whatever the case, it’s my opinion that a huge tactical blunder was made on the part of the defense (fine with me), that places hundreds of documents and exhibits into the public domain. So, besides Lyle staying in jail, it was a good day for myriad of other reasons as well. 

The trial date has not been set.

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