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Lyle Jeffs Jailed!

Lyle Jeffs Jailed!
June 15
10:06 2017


The Minnehaha County, South Dakota jail has a new occupant, and he hails from Colorado City, Arizona and Hildale, Utah; it’s Lyle Jeffs! Mr. Jeffs, who was facing trial for food stamp fraud last year, took his ankle bracelet off illegally and sauntered away from Utah while out on bail.


Many authorities, and those on the inside of Jeffs’ Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (FLDS), felt he would never be seen again.

The 56-year old Jeffs, and ten others, were awaiting trial on the food stamp charges when Jeffs took off. He is the brother of FLDS leader Warren Jeffs, who is serving a life sentence in Texas for having relations with a young girl; his wife. Though in prison, many FLDS members apparently still look to Warren as their leader.

But the joke might be on Jeffs, depending on how law enforcement officials charge him when he is extradited to Utah; assuming that he is brought back. That’s because Lyle took-off on charges that led to simple slaps on the wrist for the other ten defendants. Now he is likely to face more serious charges, having left the area illegally.

Brenda Nicholson, who group up in Short Creek ( the combined towns of Hildale and Colorado City), and was able to escape, told Lake Powell Communications this morning, “I hope they keep him for a very long time.”

Sam Brower, the author and private investigator whose book “Prophet’s Prey” helped to bring down Warren Jeffs, also communicated with Lake Powell Communications today. He was utterly dismayed that the US Attorneys in Utah treated the case with kid gloves, and was upset the defendants never served a day in jail, didn’t pay a fine and only had to attend a class on the proper use of food stamps.

“Now I hope the media asks tough questions as the US Attorney’s office does their job this time,” said Brower in a message to us this morning.

In South Dakota Lyle Jeffs is being held without bond, and according to reports, is held on a Federal Marshal’s “service hold.”

Lyle Jeffs

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