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Low Water Update from GCNRA: January 24th, 2022

Low Water Update from GCNRA: January 24th, 2022
January 24
06:17 2022

Dangling Rope Marina. Photo courtesy of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

In 2021, Lake Powell dropped to unprecedented low water levels and Bureau of Reclamation projections indicate it will continue to drop.

  1. Bullfrog North Ramp Extension: Potential contractors attended a site visit on January 12. It is anticipated the project will be underway by February and be completed in April 2022. This project will permanently extend the Bullfrog North Ramp to reach a lake elevation of 3520-3525 feet. Use of the ramp will be dependent on lake levels.
  2. Extending the Legacy Stateline Auxiliary Ramp Continues: Concrete poured on January 12 is curing for two weeks and then concrete will be poured on the other side of the ramp. Two lanes will remain open on one side of the ramp allowing launch and retrieval of motorized vessels of all sizes on boiler plate ramp extensions.
  3. Dangling Rope Marina: In response to lowering lake levels, the marina will not be reopened in 2022. Park and concessioner staff are removing some marina components from the Dangling Rope location to ensure they do not become beached and inaccessible. The park, in partnership with National Park Service concessioner Aramark, is continuing to look for a way to provide mid-lake fuel service during the 2022 season, however many challenges remain.
  4. Rainbow Bridge National Monument: Access from Lake Powell is significantly more difficult, due to lowering lake levels and mud and debris from rain events. The dock system and its restroom are not connected to the shore and are being moved further out to prevent the restroom from getting stuck. Boats and small vessels beach at your own risk.
Low Water Update from GCNRA: January 24th, 2022 - overview

Summary: Low Water Update from GCNRA: January 24th, 2022


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