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Legislation Introduced to Approve Extended Operations of NGS to 2019

Legislation Introduced to Approve Extended Operations of NGS to 2019
May 25
13:18 2017

The Naanish doo Iina Task Force has released the following statement regarding the legislation to extend the Navajo Generating Station (NGS) until 2019. The task force is comprised of over two dozen individuals from the Navajo Nation Division of Natural Resources, Navajo Minerals Department, Office of Navajo Tax Commission, Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, Division of Economic Development, Department of Water Resources, Office of the President and Vice President, Navajo Nation Council and Speaker.

“Over the past four months, the Naanish doo Iina Task Force has worked diligently to negotiate a replacement lease to serve as a guide path for the eventual decommission and shut down of NGS if the recruitment of new owners is unsuccessful. Based on feedback from council delegates, we have taken great care to examine every angle and every piece of the lease extension to expedite the Council decision making process to ensure the best deal possible for the Navajo Nation.

“We believe that this legislation will serve the Navajo Nation by securing benefits that include water infrastructure, transmission lines, economic development, railroad lines in addition to buildings that comprise NGS. By having this legislation for water infrastructure, this will help in our state negotiations to acquire 50,000 acre feet of water annually.

“By securing electric transmission access, the Navajo Nation will move from being an energy commodity tribe to becoming a participant in the energy generation and transmission markets in the West.

“Our main focus has been dually centered on the replacement of high paying jobs for those workers of NGS as well as the Kayenta Mine and the replacement of revenue to the Navajo Nation. There are over 3,000 direct and indirect jobs that could be saved by the lease extension.

“We need time to conduct studies to create proper plans for the future to diversity our economy. Diversifying our economy is key for the future health and growth of the Navajo Nation. We plan on investing heavily into renewable energy power to generate both jobs and income as part of the long term plan for the Navajo Nation.

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