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Lechee Resident to Compete in Boston Marathon

Lechee Resident to Compete in Boston Marathon
April 15
10:43 2015
Harold Benally small pic

Harold Bennally after finishing the Tucson Marathon

A local man will be going to the 2015 Boston Marathon to compete this coming Monday (April 20th).

Harold Bennally, a thirty-two year old resident of LeChee has wanted to compete in the Boston Marathon since the early age of seven.

Lake Powell Communications spoke with Bennally about his aspiration, background, and drive to compete.

“I come from a traditional family, so being Navajo, and running has always been a part of the culture, and that’s what I grew up with, and that’s why I’ve been taught from my grandparents and my parents, that running is going to teach me a lot about what is out there and teach me a lot about the road of life, endearing different things throughout our life,” said Bennally.

He said he grew to love it along the way and even had dreams of being an Olympian and accomplishing athletic feats.

He participated in athletic running programs through college at a national level, but nothing of the magnitude that he will face on Monday.

Bennally qualified for the Boston Marathon when he finished 2nd place overall with the time of 2 hours 53 minutes and 43 seconds at the Tucson Marathon last December, and has been training for the Boston Marathon ever since.

The race is held in the eastern part of Massachusetts and goes through numerous cities.

It is the oldest marathon in the world, and is one of the best known foot races.  The event gained even more notoriety two years ago, when it fell victim to a bombing.

Since then, millions of people have shown their support for the victims and increased support of the event itself.

For a public schedule of events and to support Bennally at the Boston Marathon, you can go online to:

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