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LeChee Planning Visitor Center, Campground

LeChee Planning Visitor Center, Campground
March 14
11:29 2017

LeChee Chapter officials are working on obtaining “limited liability corporation” status as it plans to open the Lower Antelope Canyon Visitor Center and Campground, near Page.

Chapter officials delivered a business plan on the project to the Navajo Nation Council’s Budget & Finance Committee last week.

LeChee has completed feasibility and archaeology studies for the project. The chapter would manage the project along with the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation Department.

One of the main concerns for the project is tapping into a water supply, according to Council Delegate Tuchoney Slim Jr. Slim is also a member of the B & F Committee, and LeChee is one of the chapters he represents on the council.

“The Navajo Nation needs to look at aiding the chapter in obtaining a waterline to the project or tapping into water wells within the LeChee area,” Slim said. “The Nation will get revenue from the taxes made at the proposed business site, so it will take a partnership to achieve the completion of this project.”

Slim also praised LeChee Chapter officials for taking the initiative to create a business site plan.

The visitor center and campground would generate a significant amount of money to the Navajo Nation, according to Slim.

Budget & Finance Committee Vice Chairman Tom Chee also supported the chapter’s plans.
“The chapter needs to remember to maintain the uniqueness of the Navajo culture and language in its endeavor,” Chee said. “Tourists want to experience real Navajo, not a Americanized version of it.”

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