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LeChee Resident Alan Tsingine Passes Away

LeChee Resident Alan Tsingine Passes Away
February 11
15:01 2016

“A unique and phenomenal individual”

Mr. Tsingine at Work

Mr. Tsingine at work

That’s how LaVerne Tsosie describes her brother, Alan Tsingine, of LeChee, who died suddenly on Wednesday of a heart attack at the age of 63.

Mr. Tsingine was very well known around Page and the Navajo Nation and seemed to represent very well the definition of “involved.”

But even more than that, according to his sister and others who knew him, he was always in a good mood.

“He was always peaceful, happy and full of humor,” she said.

As for family, LaVerne told Lake Powell Communications that Alan was always the family spokesperson. He always knew what to do and he always had the answer to any question.

On Wednesday night the family was asking among themselves, “Who can possibly take his place?”

Mr. Tsingine was a former school board member in Page, as well as a teacher of math and dean of students.

Page School Board President Bob Candeleria told us Alan was simply a part of the school district’s family.

“Just really a shock,” said Candeleria about Mr. Tsingine’s passing. “He was really a great guy. He interjected himself into the lives of kids. He invested himself that way. This is a real shock and a real loss for our community.”

He added that right now their concern is with the Tsingine family.

“Alan was very easy to engage,” added the board president. “He was just so friendly and so open. He was just one of those guys who invests himself, and that was one of Alan’s great qualities.”

Early in 2015 Mr. Tsingine helped to organize the Navajo Voter’s Rights Coalition, which stemmed from the controversy surrounding Chris DesChene’s run for Navajo Nation President. Alan headed numerous coalition meetings in Lechee and elsewhere.

Alan’s sister, who works for the Page schools, had another thought about her brother.

“Alan had the biggest heart,” said Laverne.


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