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Lease Agreement Still Being Pondered

Lease Agreement Still Being Pondered
May 30
14:58 2017

There’s been no word yet on which way the Navajo Nation Council will go when it comes to the newly written lease agreement between the Nation’s leaders and the owners and operators of the Navajo Generating Station, including the Salt River Project.

As the agreement is written, the Nation would receive 110-Million dollars in lease payments for more than thirty years. In other words, today’s owners of NGS would keep an eye on the land long after the facility if torn down.

But, this would change, if in the meantime, now owners and operators were found.

Also, as part of the agreement, the Navajo Nation wants to own the railroad that runs between NGS and the Kayenta coal mine. It is valued at an estimated 120-Million dollars.

They would also like to have possession of the facility that pumps water into the plant as well as access to the power lines that run in and out of the area.

Keeping the power lines would make it far easier to pump power out of the area if new forms of producing electricity are introduced to the area.

The Navajo Nation Council has to approve the lease agreement by July 1st, or the plant will shut down permanently this calendar year. In addition, if any changes to the agreement are introduced by Council, the agreement would have to go back to SRP and the other owners for their approval or rejection.

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