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Church President Surprises Many

Church President Surprises Many
April 10
10:36 2019


When Russell Nelson took over leadership of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a year ago, most expected him to assume a caretaker role.

He has been hardly that.
Implementing a flurry of surprising changes, President Nelson has been far more vigorous and transformative than was expected.
Just before the past weekend’s general conference of the church, Nelson rescinded rules banning the baptism of children of gay parents and branding same-sex couples apostates, subject to excommunication.
In his first year, he severed ties with the Boy Scouts, shortened Sunday worship by an hour, and revised the temple ceremony to give women more prominent roles.
He has been very open to the church belief that the president is a living prophet who receives revelations.  His predecessors tended to downplay that.
Nelson visited 15 countries, gave speeches to tens of thousands of college students, and met with Pope Francis.




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