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Land Buy-Back Program to Continue

Land Buy-Back Program to Continue
June 29
10:28 2018

Navajo Nation officials hope the second phase of the federal land buy-back program will be as successful as the first.

“The Navajo Nation is different than other tribes, and in order to make this second round a success we need to make sure that the Navajo Land Buy-Back Program operation has adequate resources to reach as many allotment owners as possible and return as much land to the Navajo Nation as possible,” Delegate Seth Damon said.

Larry Rodgers, director of the Eastern Navajo Land Commission office, agreed that making sure there was enough funds available for the land buy-back was paramount.

Prior to the start of the second round of the program, the tribal council’s Naabik’iyátí’ Committee will have to consider and approve a new cooperative agreement.

Once an agreement is finalized, outreach efforts will begin early next year followed by appraisals of fractionated allotment lands.

The program anticipates mailing offers to landowners by summer 2019.

The Buy-Back Program stems from the historical Cobell Settlement, which provided $1.9 billion to purchase individual fractional interests of trust or restricted land from willing sellers at fair market value. Those interests are restored to tribal trust ownership, freeing up land for development.

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