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Lower Water Level for Lake Powell

November 15
13:54 2013
Lake Powell Life

Lake Powell Water Levels Decrease

It has been a week of non-stop draining of Lake Powell for the flooding of the Colorado River which will lower the water level on the lake by a little over 2-feet. Monday, November 11, 2013 was the start of another high-flow experimental release – the second release under the science-based protocol adopted in May 2012 for more frequent high-flow experimental releases on the Colorado River. According to Glen Canyon Dam Facility Manager, Jason Tucker,

“We’re gonna start closing off those bypass tubes that you can see from the overlook at 8 P.M. Friday night and that will mark the end of the peak for the high-flow experiment. We will continue to ramp down that flow rate until 1 P.M. on Saturday and that will mark the end of the high-flow experiment. Then we will return to the 8,000 Cubic Feet Per Second (cfs) as a base flow.”

The release of water to benefit the Grand Canyon and Colorado River is hoped to mobilize what Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Water and Science, Anne Castle, called an “epic” amount of sediment deposit. With the release, we can expect a little over a 2-foot drop in the lake level according to Tucker, who also says the release amount turned out to be greater than expected,

“We were projecting 34,000cfs for the peak for this experiment. We’ve actually been able to do a little better than that at just under 37,000. The men and women that work here at the dam put a lot of time and effort into maintaining the equipment here. When we do a high-flow experiment like this, it’s really a testament to the reliability of the equipment and the maintenance that’s done on them to be able to bring them up to full-capacity, run them there, and that it’s available to deliver.”

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