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Lake Powell Low Water Update – June 17th, 2022

Lake Powell Low Water Update – June 17th, 2022
June 22
10:32 2022
  1. Lake Powell Water Levels Continue to Rise: As of June 16, the lake had risen to elevation 3537.49 (feet above sea level). Boat ramps are fully operational for motorized vessels of all sizes in North Lake Powell at Bullfrog North and in South Lake Powell at Wahweap’s Stateline Auxiliary.

  1. An Alternative Anchoring Pilot Program is underway on Lake Powell: The Alternative Anchoring Pilot Program seeks to provide non-destructive anchoring methods that can provide viable alternatives to the growing illegal practice of securing houseboats using rebar and other types of metal pins drilled into sandstone along the shoreline.

The pilot program currently includes one commercial use authorization permittee, Beach Bags TM, offering alternative anchoring services. The following provides additional details about the Alternative Anchoring Pilot Program and Beach Bags TM:

  • Beach Bags TM is an authorized out-of-park Commercial Use Authorization permittee (CUA) and a participant in Glen Canyon’s Alternative Anchoring Pilot Program.
  • As an authorized CUA, Beach Bags TM must adhere to established CUA standards to rent, deliver, and/or install alternative anchoring equipment for park visitors on Lake Powell. This may also include piloting of park visitor vessels to anchoring locations. Their business begins and ends outside the park and does not authorize the holder to advertise, solicit business, collect fees, or sell any goods or services within the boundaries of the park.
  • Beach Bags has been issued a six-month addendum to their CUA permit to evaluate their alternative anchoring equipment on vessels larger than 75 feet in length. While operating under this temporary addendum, Beach Bags is authorized to use “back pins” in conjunction with their water ballast bags on larger houseboats only in limited, designated areas. Holes resulting from “back pins” must also be repaired by the permittee (with materials currently under development).
  • Beach Bags are also available for rent. Contact 480-504-0895, or visit
  • The Park welcomes applications from potential participants in the Pilot Program to facilitate additional alternative anchoring technologies at Lake Powell. For more information, contact [email protected].
  • For more information about the Alternative Anchoring Pilot Program, visit the park’s commercial use authorization webpage at:  For more information on safe and legal conventional methods for anchoring your vessel, please visit:
Lake Powell Low Water Update – June 17th, 2022 - overview

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