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Lake Powell Fishing Report

Lake Powell Fishing Report
July 09
01:20 2020

July 8, 2020
Lake Elevation 3609
Water Temperature 76-81 F

A. Wayne Gustaveson

Fishing is good but very selective.  The key is to fish early and late.  The first hour of morning light is my favorite time to be on the water. The lake is quiet, fish are willing to bite, and morning temperature is perfect. Fishing is still good when the sun hits the water but results slow down a bit.  The next big change is after 9 AM as many more boats launch and travel uplake.  The lake gets rough with boat wakes.  Plan accordingly.  The same events happen in the evening as boats return to the ramp or camp on the shore, boat wakes diminish, the sun sets and fish are ready to feed once more.

On my weekly fishing trip, we launched before the sun came up and headed uplake.  The trip was calm and peaceful. We saw a few quick slurps in Padre Bay but the stripers were small and only hit the surface once or twice before descending. We caught no stripers or bass on topwater.

Our next option was smallmouth bass. We put away the topwater lures and rigged up green double tail grubs and green plastic crawdad imitations. We stopped on the first rocky point at the mouth of a canyon.  We caught a couple of small bass and then moved on.  Half way back in the canyon, we saw a tumbleweed cove.   We cast the plastic grubs in front of the weeds and worked them slowly back to the boat.  We caught a few more smallmouth, but no big largemouth.   There were lots of bluegill and green sunfish hiding in the weeds.  Fishing with a small hook and a piece of worm makes for a big sunfish catch.  Look for them in shallow weedy coves.

Our next stop was in 20-40 feet of water towards the back of the canyon.  It got very exciting as big smallmouth bass smacked our plastic baits. They were holding right on the bottom.  It was best to let the grub sit on the bottom and move it slowly to entice smallmouth bass.  We caught 6 bass larger than 2.5 pounds.  I had a 3-pound smallmouth grab my lure and fight me all the way to the boat.  She rolled once on the surface, winked at me and then spit the lure out.  It was a great fish!  I would like to have the picture of us smiling together but it was fine that she got away since I would have returned the big fish to fight again anyway.

All the way back in the canyon, we caught another small bass or two.  The best spot had a water depth of 22 feet.  Water temperature drops under the thermocline, which is holding near 25 feet now.  Fish at 20-35 feet to reach the bass comfort zone.

Adult stripers are holding below the thermocline as well.  Bait fishing is working lakewide while we are waiting for the boils to start. Drop the bait to 22-30 feet for best results. There is some striper surface activity midlake and in the northern lake. Some striper boils are happening in Good Hope Bay and all the way to the Colorado River inflow.

Fishing is HOT!!! Catching is okay as well and Lake Powell is a great place to try.

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