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Lake Powell Fishing Report 10-20-15

Lake Powell Fishing Report 10-20-15
October 21
09:12 2015

Richard Hepworth, Cedar City, UT, spent the last few days fishing in Good Hope Bay. Bass were caught more often but morning and evening produced some striper boils and catches of larger stripers caught trolling in 40 feet depths.


Lake Powell Fish Report – October 20, 2015

Lake Elevation: 3606

Water Temperature 72-74 F

By: Wayne Gustaveson


Lake level continues to hold at 3606 (MSL) thanks to the rainy weather during October. Just before the last rain, some really huge striper schools were found in the southern lake.  It was absolutely unbeatable to find a huge school with over a thousand stripers loitering on the bottom below the boat. That happened to more than one group of anglers last week.  Then those huge schools fragmented with only 5-10 stripers hanging out together.  The good news was that the more numerous small groups of stripers could be graphed more often. Spoons deployed to the bottom often resulted in 1-3 stripers being hooked.  Then the boat had to move a short distance to find the next small group. It was easier to find the randomly scattered stripers pods, but more productive to find that one big school and catch 50 at one spot.


This week expect to find scattered striper schools. The target depth is 40-50 feet. In fact, the very best striper catching method would be to troll lures behind a down rigger set at 40 feet.  Fish are layered at their preferred temperature zone and suspended just above the thermocline.  It is easy to find the deep fish by watching for western grebes on the surface.  The abundance of shad allows grebes to be present in most canyons and bays on the lake.  Find grebes, troll deep and catch stripers.


While graphing this morning we trolled mid range crankbaits (bevy shad) above the band of fish seen at 40-50 feet.  An occasional striper was hooked trolling.  Other times the boat was stopped over a suspected school of stripers on the bottom. Both techniques worked but not every time.  Stripers were very aggressive near dawn but lost enthusiasm as it got later in the day.


Smallmouth bass fishing is superb lakewide.  Topwater lures at morning and evening, trolling the shoreline during the day, or fishing plastics along rocky shorelines and prominent points, are all working effectively.   I am not sure that bass fishing could get much better than it is right now.


Northern Lake:  Expect to find a plethora of shad from Good Hope to Trachyte. Shad are so abundant that striper fishing is slower than in other lake areas because there is an over abundance of shad forage. This is a good problem to have but for now fishing downstream from Good Hope may be more productive.  Bass fishing success for larger bass is stellar.  The biggest bass from the last bass tournament came from the northern lake.


Main Lake:  Padre Bay to Cedar Canyon.  Bass fishing results in more fish caught per hour except when a large striper school is found.  A large stationary striper school results in 50 or more fish caught in a short time while spooning in deeper water (40-50 Feet).  The challenge is finding that deep, huge school. Trolling deep diving lures with flat line or with down riggers running at 40 feet works while graphing.  Stop and drop spoons when the potential large school is seen on the graph.


Warming weather arrives again this weekend.  Water temperature is 72 degrees now and dropping toward the magic 60 degree mark in the foreseeable future. The last 10 days of October will produce some amazing catches of all the fish this lake has to offer. I recommend coming now for that final trip of the year.

Quality of life is measured by amount of time spent fishing.

Wayne Gustaveson

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