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Lake Powell Fish Report – June 26, 2019

Lake Powell Fish Report – June 26, 2019
June 26
11:05 2019


Lake Elevation: 3608 – Water temperature: 72-76 F – Lake Powell continues to rise over a foot per day, for the second week in a row. The lake is up about 2 inches short of seven feet since the last report.

Early morning provides the best fishing. Striper slurps last all day long but in the early morning, there are fewer boat wakes and more aggressive slurps. That makes it easier to approach the feeding school.  Slurps tend to stay up for less than a minute. The school runs through the small shad school quickly, then dives and regroups and looks for another small shad school.   When shad are seen the slurpers come right back up. They may be just out of range or right under the boat.  React quickly by casting your lure 2 feet in front of the leading fish.  If the lead fish are actively slurping (head out of the water) as your lure lands in the right spot, just in front of the lead fish, there is a 50% chance of catching a fish. If it lands too far in front or behind the slurping group, reel in fast and try again. After the slurp goes down watch for the next group to resurface, judge direction of travel and then cast to the sweet spot to catch more fish.

The best chance of catching a striper out of a slurp occurs on the first cast. As they go down a time or two, they are less likely to hit your lure.  After they surface for the third time, they avoid your lures.  Quickly move on to the next school.  This morning we saw slurping schools just about every quarter mile between Wahweap and Last Chance. The biggest concentrations were in Warm Creek, Labyrinth Canyon mouth, Dominguez Rock Cove, and Buoy 25 cove.

The best lures were slender surface lures similar to an Ima Skimmer.  Other reports indicate good catches on an eighth ounce white crappie jig. I like the thrill of the fish hitting the surface lure and can cast over the feeding school at long distance so I use that.  If the slurping school is close then light crappie jigs may be best.   Your personal preference is your best choice.

Slurps are dependable lakewide on calm days. It is possible to see slurps in Moki Canyon, Lost Eden, Halls Creek Lake Canyon, Annie’s Canyon to Rincon, and Hole in the Rock to the San Juan. Slurps are happening lakewide.

Smallmouth bass were reluctant to hit our lures.  We cast to a few spots and trolled along shorelines that have usually been good for bass without success.  They still seem to be looking for their old familiar rocky coves, but cannot find them due to the rapidly rising water.   Largemouth bass are doing great in the backs of brushy coves and flooded crevasses where new tumbleweeds provide the brushy cover needed by bass and crappie.

Enjoy an early morning fishing trip and then find time for water sports on beautiful Lake Powell.

By: Wayne Gustaveson or

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