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 Lake Powell Fish Report – July 3, 2019

 Lake Powell Fish Report – July 3, 2019
July 03
08:24 2019

Charlie Jorgensen caught his first striper while fishing with family at Lake Powell

Lake Elevation: 3613 – Water temperature: 75-85 F – Rapidly rising water levels have really had an impact on fishing success and fish behavior. Many annual and perennial weeds are now underwater, which provides cover for small, recently hatched fish.  The most beneficial aspect is cloudy water gives small minnows a place to hide.  We need these small fish to grow and become the future generation of adult fish in the coming months and years.  When the lake level was lower and water was clear, sport fish fed on many small shad and other minnows.  Additional cover makes it possible for shad and minnows to find refuge and grow larger. Bigger forage fish will provide more food for all predators in the months to come.

Stripers are still slurping in the south each calm morning and throughout the day.  Slurps are slowing down up north.  Slurping striper schools line up on the surface and chase shad pods in quick bursts that last less than a minute.  They are up and down often but also quick enough to avoid anglers who are just out of casting range.  They go down quickly as a boat gets close but then they resurface nearby often in casting range.  The average catch is one striper out of 10 slurps.  It is a bit frustrating but also gratifying when a fat healthy striper hits a surface lure, spoon, steelshad or small white jig.

Slurps cease when the wind comes up.   Hungry stripers then go deeper and hang out at about 30 feet where the water temperature is just right.  Bait fishing is now productive as the striper schools go deep to rest up.  Anchovies or striper meat draws their attention back to eating and the action continues. Look for striper schools along canyon walls and hovering over bottom structure. Cast the bait out 30-40 feet and let the bait descend slowly as you work it back to the boat. Casting usually works better than just lowering the bait 30-40 feet below the boat.

Rapidly rising water is having an unusual impact on fishing success.  Young bass and other minnows are swimming in the backs of coves where the water is turbid and brush is present. Shallow coves in the end of canyons have higher water temperatures (78-85 degrees) which limit access from adult stripers.  However, the back of cove with a 12-20 foot deep canyon is a gathering spot for fish of all sizes.  We found some productive fishing areas last trip where detritus was floating on the surface, minnows were swimming around and bass and young stripers were right there with the forage fish.  We could fish from shore in the back end of narrow canyons and catch a variety of sport fish. If looking for bass, go the back of the canyon.  That is the current gathering spot.

Boating traffic is at a summer peak right now.  If fishing is on your Lake Powell to do list makes sure you get up with the sun and go fishing before boat traffic hits the lake.

Happy 4th of July!

By: Wayne Gustaveson or

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