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Lake Powell Coins Mystery

Lake Powell Coins Mystery
April 25
10:51 2019

National Park Service officials at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area are puzzling over an apparent discovery of old Spanish coins–do they represent a remarkable find or a clever hoax?

A hiker from Colorado reported finding the coins last fall while hiking near Halls Crossing marina.  The area has periodically been underwater.

One coin is believed to be silver and dates from the 1660s.  The other appears to be copper and likely came from the late 1200s.

The earliest-documented Spanish expedition in the area occurred in 1776, and it never went anywhere near Halls Crossing.

Park Service officials speculate that, if real, the coins possibly came from an earlier, undocumented Spanish presence, or they may have been traded to Indians by early Spanish explorers.

The exact location of the find is not being released so that a further examination of the area can be made.


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