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Lake Powell Castle Rock Cut

September 08
06:10 2013
Castle Rock Short-cut

Castle Rock Short-cut

The Castle Rock Cut is a popular short-cut for boaters on Lake Powell. When Lake Powell is too low for the Castle Rock Cut, boaters are forced to go the long way around, following the original channel of the Colorado River above the Glen Canyon Dam. With the the excavation, boaters will no longer need to travel through The Narrows to reach uplake destinations such as Padre Bay and Rainbow Bridge. Travel through the cut saves approximately 10 miles of boating and was previously dredged this past spring. The Castle Rock Cut normally is a boat channel leading from Wahweap Marina to the main body of the lake. At least a million recreational boaters a year get to the lake this way.

Page and Lake Powell Recreational Area

Denise Shultz with the National Park Service/Glen Canyon National Recreation Area has confirmed that another excavation project could be in the future for the Castle Rock Cut. With the anticipated lower water levels at Lake Powell, a request has been submitted for further dredging and clearing of debris to deepen the Castle Rock Cut for use, hopefully, next year. Schultz said, as with any large project, the approval must be completed to assure proper and adequate funding and that the current request is probably in a mid-stage of processing and not a done deal yet.

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