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Kirkpatrick Supports Navajo Nation’s Lawsuit Against EPA

Kirkpatrick Supports Navajo Nation’s Lawsuit Against EPA
August 18
14:30 2016

Last year’s Gold King Mine Spill sent a deluge of three million gallons of toxic waste water pouring into the Animas and San Juan Rivers.

Ann Kirkpatrick

Ann Kirkpatrick

The resulting consequences of the spill devastated the Navajo Nation and its farmers. The Environmental Protection Agency, who was working on the mine when the spill occurred, didn’t respond quick enough and adequately enough, according to the Navajo Nation, leading to a lawsuit against the government agency.

Arizona legislator Ann Kirkpatrick has come out in support of the Navajo Nations lawsuit saying,

“I am proud to represent the Navajo Nation in Congress, and I stand firmly with them in this lawsuit against the EPA. The Gold King Mine spill was catastrophic for the Navajo people. Not only was it an environmental and economic disaster, it was a failure by the EPA on several fronts. First, the agency failed to respond swiftly and transparently. It failed to immediately engage the tribal government. And it failed to fully address the disaster’s short- and long-term burdens on the tribe.”

Kirkpatrick continued, “Arizona and the Navajo Nation have historically challenging relationships with the EPA. In my view, the agency often demonstrates a lack of understanding of our Western issues, particularly with land, energy and natural resources. Water is life for the Navajo people – families and communities that depend on the San Juan River lost crops and livestock and faced the burden of water sampling and monitoring to protect the public health. The federal government has historic obligations and responsibilities to protect tribal land and natural resources. And until the EPA is held responsible for expenses and cleanup of this disaster as well as the long-term harm it caused, that obligation remains unmet.”



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