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Kirkpatrick & McCain Agree on Selective Service Issue

Kirkpatrick & McCain Agree on Selective Service Issue
February 18
15:14 2016

An interesting debate has sprung-up in this election year. Should women be eligible for the draft should it be needed again in the future?

John McCain

John McCain

It all started a few months ago when President Barack Obama‘s administration opened all combat-related jobs in the military to women. The next discussion took aim at the draft. If needed, should the U.S. require women to register with the Selective Service?


Ann Kirkpatrick

Among presidential candidate, Texas Senator Ted Cruz thinks the idea of drafting women is nuts.

But that’s not how Arizona Senator John McCain feels, and his opponent for his senate seat, Ann Kirkpatrick agree with him. They’re both in favor of the idea.

Lake Powell Communications spoke to Congresswomen Kirkpatrick this week. She first made it clear that there is no draft right now, and she doesn’t see a need for one in the near future.

“But I do believe the military is better with women among its ranks,” she said. “I don’t have any doubt that women can defend our nation

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