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Kane County Audits Stir Controversy

Kane County Audits Stir Controversy
April 14
15:01 2017

Any accusations of criminal wrongdoing will be viciously fought!

That’s what officials with the Canyon Land Special Service District in Kane County are reportedly saying about an audit released by the State of Utah Auditor’s Office this past week. Theirs was one of three Kane County audits released.

The investigation into Kane County money practices may have been inspired because a former county treasurer who is currently facing embezzlement charges. These audits allegedly suggest nepotism, too much compensation for some and a lack of oversight.

Members of these three Kane County special service boards apparently have some explaining to do. The three audits have reportedly suggested some sloppy bookkeeping and finance practices that need improvement.

The report states some money received by some board members may have to be paid back to the state, too. Reports indicate further that the audits suggest a criminal investigation of one board member in particular should be conducted.

The audit does not name the name of that board member. However, published reports in Utah suggest that that person would be Kane County Commissioner James Matson, who is also a member of the Canyon Land Special Service District.

In the audits Matson is reportedly accused of involving his own consulting company with the Canyon Land District to the tune of thousands of dollars for several years.

In one report, Matson is quoted by the Salt Lake Tribune of saying that, whatever it takes, he will make sure the situation is corrected.

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