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June Brings Friday Night Lights to Page

June Brings Friday Night Lights to Page
June 07
05:22 2021

Did You See the Friday Night Lights at PHS?

As the Coach watches, Colin Joe gets ready to fire the ball on Friday

Friday night (June 4) was a happy day for the Page High School football coach, Bubba Billie. The PHS football team was in action on the football field for the first time since 2019. It wasn’t a game, it was a three-team scrimmage, without pads and there was no tackling.

But for Coach Billie it was amazing.

“This is the best I’ve felt in probably twelve-plus months,” he said on the sidelines during the scrimmage. “It’s been a long time.”

The other teams participating were Kanab High School and South Summit H.S. from Summit Park, Utah. Two teams would be on the field at a time, one on offense, the other on defense. It was an all-passing scrimmage.

QB Conner Shirley during warmups Friday

Coach Billie said he saw some things he liked, including the fact that he has about double the number of players he had in 2019, which, because of the pandemic, was the most recent football season at Page High School.

“The effort is very high, and that’s something we’ve been talking about, being aggressive and going after the ball,” said the Coach. “I’m happy with the way we’re attacking the ball on both sides (offense and defense).”

He said he was very pleased that instead of trying to break-up plays in the defensive backfield, they were breaking-up plays.

“On offense my receivers are getting after the ball,” added the Coach. “The quarterbacks are getting it up there and they’re going after it. It was something we talked about in the locker room before we came out here.”

He said if it’s a low ball, they better be diving for it.

“And, if it’s high, you’d better be jumping for it.”

One player for the Sand Devils who impressed the coach was # 1 Antione Mehaw, who was all over the place on defense, breaking up plays.

Interestingly, the Page football team begins their season at home August 27 against Kanab High School. And, as Coach Billie pointed out, Kanab has some athletes!


Featured Photo: The players from all three teams that participated on Friday:

Page High School

Kanab High School

South Summit High School






June Brings Friday Night Lights to Page - overview

Summary: June Brings Friday Night Lights in Page


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